Working with Us

The Nambucca Valley is situated on the mid-north coast of NSW, just a short drive south from Coffs Harbour and about an hour north of Port Macquarie. Extending from Scotts Head to Valla Beach, the Shire boasts an idyllic natural environment with stunning beaches, pristine waterways and tranquil rainforests. Here you can have it all - the lifestyle you've always dreamed of, house prices within your reach and major health, education and transport facilities at your doorstep.




Working week: full-time employees work a standard 35 or 38 hour week

Rostered Days Off:  fortnightly RDO for most full-time employees.

Flexible working arrangements: various flexible working arrangements include flex-time, time in lieu, leave without pay, part-time work, job-share arrangements, variations to ordinary hours and phased retirement.

Annual Leave​​:  four weeks paid annual leave per year, with pro-rata available for part-time employment.

Long Service Leave: available after five years of service in NSW Local Government.




Sick Leave: 15 days paid sick leave per year, with pro-rata available for part-time employment.

Employee Assistance Program: access to three free and confidential sessions with a professional counselling service for employees and their immediate family.

Free vaccinations: free vaccinations for Hep A and Hep B, tetanus, Q-fever and the flu.

Work health and safety focus: Council has a strong focus on the health and safety of all our employees. We provide quality training, PPE and ensure employees have a safe working environment.

Social Club:  join the Social Club and enjoy fun group activities.  Membership can be automatically deducted from your pay.




Carer's Leave: Sick leave entitlements can be used as Carer's Leave when required to care for family members and relatives.

Paid Parental Leave: 9 weeks at full pay or 18 weeks at half pay.




Education Assistance and Study Leave: access to financial support for further studies, as well as study leave.

Training and development opportunities: We offer a range of training and development opportunities for employees to improve their knowledge and skills.




Salary Sacrifice: the option to reduce your taxable income by salary sacrificing eligible items such as additional superannuation, remote area benefits and novated leases.

Rates and water:  automatic pay deductions if you are a Valley resident.

Free financial planning advice: Group and individual information sessions are available for all Local Government Superannuation members.

Uniforms: supplied or subsidised uniform

Transferred leave entitlements: if you are currently working with another NSW council, you can transfer your Long Service Leave and up to 13 weeks of your accumulated Sick Leave entitlements.